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May 2, 2011
Photo shoot with Demon Boy!
Freddy and I met Demon Boy, dynamic, creative, hard-rocking rising star. We loved his music. He loved what we do. We liked him immediately. We've convinced him to model for us and the results are spectacular.

Demon Boy Bad Kids Shirt

Demon Boy Deaths Head Shirt

February 20, 2011

Zombie Girl Art Print
So many people asked, so by popular demand, I finally had art prints made of this drawing. Printed in black on heavy weight parchment paper.

Zombie Print

December 7, 2010

JayJay is writing a new blog called Adventures in DIY Screen Printing!
It's all about sharing the things we've learned over the years to other artists who would like to try
the unusual kind of screen printng that we do. It has how to articles, tips, and lists of the equipment and materials
we use and can endorse and where to get them.

December 2, 2010

We have new stuff, most notably CABEZA DE MUERTE BAGS!

Many prices slashed for our Christmas in December sale!

We have put many of our Regular and Women's Shirts and Posters, on SALE!
as well as reducing the already low-priced Sale Items and the Sample Sale items!

October 8, 2010

The Design Stories have begun being posted.
For a while I've wanted to tell the stories behind the shirt designs. I tell people at the shows we do and they always get a kick out of it, so I've started writing them down and putting a link on each shirt page to the design's back story. I've done Thoughts of Bed, Bad Kids and Liberal so far. I hope you enjoy it! There's more to come.

August 10, 2010

Zombie Proof
Expert Zombie Proofing Shirt!

Based on the very cool comic book, Zombie Proof, this shirt design looks like Billy Bob Driwahl himself would wear it.

Zombie-Proof is a three-issue, bi-monthly mini-series written by J.C. Vaughn and illustrated by Vincent Spencer.

Zombie Proof Comic

Zombie Proof

April 15, 2010

New women's tank top!
Drawing on JayJay's Texas roots, this Mexican Day of the Dead inspired design is printed on a super soft and comfy raceback tank top.

Muerte Design

And a new sticker too!
Born to Sin

Feb 10, 2010
We have an ad in the horror magazine Fangoria, Issue 291, on sale now!
If you are here for the first time, Welcome! Hope you like it!

Fangoria Ad

Jan 15, 2010
We ordered some new equipment!
For a long time, now, we have been longing for new silk screening equipment that would help us improve the quality and speed of our production. Well, the time has come and the new Flash Dryer, Exposure Unit and Color Mixing System are here! Yay! Now, what do we wish for next? Hmm.

Nov 9, 2009
JayJay is on twitter and promises to make an effort to be good. lol.

Oct 16-18, 2009
Wizard Big Apple Comic Convention
JayJay and Freddy had a table in Artist's Alley at the first Wizard Big Apple Convention. We had the first Shirt Stories shirts, Bad Kids issue number one for sale and a new design, "Smart is Sexy" available on t-shirts and canvas bags. We sold out of the bags and many of the shirts, but we will reprint them and put them up on the web site soon!

Oct 10, 2009
King Hell CD Release Party
JayJay did the new album cover for King Hell, entitled Rhythm and Bruise. The CD release party was at the NYC music scene landmark, Arlene's Grocery. And a good time was had by all! Plus the new album is great! We can't stop listening to it!

Nov 29, 2008
Only the Valiant Podcast
JayJay recorded a 2 part interview about her time at Valiant and about her comics experiences in general. The interviews are on iTunes under "Only the Valiant", Episodes 18 and 19.

Nov 14-16, 2008
Big Apple Comic Con
JayJay was a guest at the Big Apple Con and we got to have a terrific table in the VIP guest section that we shared with long time collaborator and buddy, Jim Shooter. The people at the Big Apple con treated us like royalty and we had a fantastic time. The amazing photographer, Brendan Burke, shot some models in our shirts and us too, in between working on a project of his own at the convention. JayJay got to chat with comics luminaries like Russ Heath and see lots of friends. 3 days was not enough to talk to everyone we wanted to!

Here's Freddy with his idol, the creator of Lady Death, Brian Pulido, posing with one of many stacks of comics that Brian was kind (and tolerant) enough to sign for him!

JayJay posed with Brian too!

We debuted a new shirt at the convention and now we have to wait to put it up for sale because we sold out!

Oct 30, 2008

The Misfits concert
We've done another poster for the awesome and venerable Misfits! They were appearing at the Webster Theater in Hartford, Connecticut and we went up to the show. And had a rockin' time! Jerry Only came by at the beginning and was wonderful enough to sign every poster we brought. And we sold every one we had. But there are 4 left out of a print run of 40 so if you want one, don't wait!

July 8, 2008

Green Jellö concert
We printed a new poster over the holiday weekend for the band, Green Jellö/Green Jellÿ. It's 3 colors, black, red and flourescent green and it looks so cool under black light. The show is coming up this Friday, the 11th at The Haunt. Should be a great night!

June 10-11, 2008
We designed and printed these cool shirts for the Felix the Cat folks for the NY Licensing Show. They were printed in waterbased ink on pigment dyed 100% cotton shirts using environmentally safe products!

June 7-8, 2008
Big Apple Comic Con

JayJay was a guest at the Big Apple Con and we displayed our latest gear at our table in Artist's Alley. The lovely and fun Yancy Butler, star of the television series Witchblade and Brooklyn South came by and fell in love with our most recent tank top... METAL, a tribal design screened in a clear UV reactive ink that glows purple in sunlight or blacklight.
And Freddy is modeling our POW! t-shirt as he puts the squeeze on Yancy.


April 18-20, 2008
New York Comic Con

JayJay signed a bunch of comics, both old and new reprints!

Artist Steve Chanks bought of of our concert posters! Mmm, tasty!

April 1, 2008
Michale Graves concert
Freddy and JayJay went up to the The Haunt in Yonkers to see Michale Graves (former singer of the Misfits and Gotham Road) on his solo acoustic tour. Great night! I can report much fun was had. The Haunt is a BIG and very nice venue.

Michale dug the shirts that we gave him and even modeled one for us!

We have a new blog so you can read our thoughts!
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