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Deaths Head Designs Announces a New Concept in Graphic Storytelling…Shirt StoriesTM 

February 2, 2009, New York, NY

Deaths Head Designs announces the creation of SHIRT STORIES, the newest, hottest concept in publishing. SHIRT STORIES are tees that tell a tale in a unique and compelling way using cutting edge graphics. Wearable entertainment. They put you in the story! Everyone has seen comics reprinted on tee shirts, but you’ve never seen anything like SHIRT STORIES. These are original sequential art tales designed for on-the-tee presentation. They utilize the whole shirt and the body in it for maximum impact. SHIRT STORIES are comics—but with a 3-D twist!

The first SHIRT STORIES feature Bad Kids, offbeat outcasts whose curiosity, rotten judgment and all out badness lead to ill-but-funny adventures. The second release planned is City Girl, a charming, thoughtful examination of the social difficulties facing a single woman living in Manhattan. In other words, it’s no Sex in the City, literally and literally—but you’ll laugh! You’ll cry! And a few may be inspired to move to the burbs. Several other titles are in the works as well as some collaborations with well-known comic book luminaries.

Some SHIRT STORIES tees tell a whole tale from beginning to end, but others will feature chapters in a continued story on 2, 3 or more shirts. This can lead to endless opportunities for the wearer. People could wear a new chapter every day and deliver the whole story episode by episode to everyone you work or hang with.  Or, a group of friends could each wear a different chapter out on the town and entertain the masses en masse. Which brings us to the true uniqueness of the SHIRT STORIES concept… They offer the wearer the chance to be an active partner in bringing the stories to the audience in person on person. instead of comics being a private, passive, one-way diversion, SHIRT STORIES turn the wearer into the entertainment by fusing the irresistible appeal of comics with fashion. And, everybody loves comics. Come on, admit it, when somebody next to you on the train turns to the funny pages or reads a comic book, your eyes are drawn to it. Comics are compelling.

Deaths Head Designs is an apparel company founded by JayJay (Janet) Jackson and Freddy Happel, producers of many outrageous things. They’re located in New York City.

JayJay has more than 20 years experience in comic book publishing. She worked for Marvel Comics through most of the 80s, later for DC Comics, Milestone and co-founded VALIANT Comics, DEFIANT Comics and Broadway Comics. She has performed almost every part of the comic book process over the years including writing, black and white art, color art and design. She has also done advertising and production work. Freddy is an artist and silk screen printer with an impressive eye for detail and an amazing sense of style combined with the ability to build anything. Together they rock. 


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