Bad Kids Number 1
Title: Pokin' a Dead Dog

Esperanza convinces Butch to adopt a pet.
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Character Bios
Esperanza's parents were so inspired by the treasured possession of a long passed Grandfather from Mexico, that they named Esperanza after the Spanish word for hope. They love the exotic quality of her name. They do not speak Spanish.

Esperanza hates explaining how to pronounce her name and why it is so exotic and frequently just makes up strange stories about how she came by it. Perhaps because of her name, she tends to be a bit testy. But she's a natural jefe and the other kids often follow her lead.

Butch is often confused. His parents recently divorced over disagreements surrounding Butch's mother becoming a Wiccan. Butch's father is a long-haul truck driver and probably, maybe, some sort of lapsed Christian who does not hold with all this new age shit. Dammit.

Butch is currently looking to find where he fits in this crazy world. His main weapon against the frustrations of his life is languor. He is also addicted to cinnamon toothpicks, even though his dad says they're bad for his teeth. An obvious sign of a covert rebellious nature.

Remy and JD's parents like a drink now and again. They like it a lot.

Remy and JD are not quite right. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome may be involved, but that's something that the nice social worker from Child Protective Services is still trying to determine.

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